Versatile Apartment Storage Ideas

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What to do when you don’t have enough space to do much?

The answer is simple. Get creative!

In a rental, or even in your own apartment, when you don’t have the freedom of space to distribute your furniture, it’s alright. Because that way you get the opportunity to explore your creativity and select or even design your own versatile pieces of furniture. Now these magical little things not only save space but also store lots of stuff that you wouldn’t like lying around your house just like that.



It’s amazing how efficiently beautiful a chest or cabinet can be. They’re a huge storage asset, yet completely versatile. You can put one in your living room as the center table. And we’re pretty sure that these things come in like a hundred different shapes and sizes, so they’ll fit a variety of spaces. Please note: watermarks and stains would only add more character to a rustic chest like this.



The most obvious hack to store whatever it is that you want. Vertical storage is a huge benefit in any small space. Use up as much functional vertical space that you can. The best thing about these shelves is how inexpensive they are. And you can even build them on your own, whatever shape, whatever size. Think creatively!



Tables with open spaces create lots of potential for storage. This kitchen table has cutlery and other kitchen appliances stacked up neatly under it. You could also eliminate the shelves from underneath the table and have little round chairs fit under there, so you can sit around the table and have a meal too.