Utilize That Space Under The Stairs

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You usually dismiss the idea of creating something wonderful with the little space that you are blessed with Under Your Beautiful Staircase.

We know you think that there isn’t enough room to do something creative and/or build a storage of some sort under the stairs, and we are highly honored to tell you that you may be wrong. Yes, you are definitely wrong.

There’s our proof below…


If you have kids, then you know that nothing has changed with how much they love their playhouses, clubhouses and forts, despite getting all the access to gadgets and the latest technology. So why not build a unique playhouse right under your home’s stairs! It’s a great way to utilize that extra space while giving your children a wonderful little treat right under your nose.


There’s no arguing gallery walls have been having a moment that’s lasted for what feels like centuries now. As long as you have a great collection of art, the look seriously never tires. However, we always love to see a refreshing take on this tried and true trend, and this little gallery nook is the perfect example.


It’s a small yet comfy reading nook under the stairs. If you love reading, then we don’t see you leaving this spot ever. And if you don’t, never mind, we’re sure you’ll be pretty glued to the spot anyway.


Flat file shelves are great for storing artwork or important papers. We could also totally imagine this spot being your very own personal wardrobe too.


The secret bathroom. Just look at the simplicity and efficiency of the space that comes along with the stairs.


We love the open floor plan, the efficient use of space and pretty coloring of the home decor. The design is well thought of and creatively executed.


Create a special sitting area in your home right under the stairs. It could be your very own sweet escape from everything else.


This is one cozy nook you’ll want to crawl into immediately. You could use it for work, reading, and sleeping too!


Have an office under the stairs. You could easily fit in a small and comfy desk and design everything around it creatively for an ideal work station in your home.