Tree Tables That Will Fit Anywhere In Your Home

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These wooden tables will fit in just about any space. Where there’s no room for a big table, enter Tree Table.

Tree/Stump tables have become a go-to piece of furniture that belongs in a home with a rustic, chic style; basically a room where the interiors are done in a modern, classy and glamorous way. If your sense of style at home is more natural, with lots of texture, and ultimately warm, then we would suggest you to decorate it with tree tables, everywhere, including the bathroom.


A simple tree stump table DIY:

– Cut down the stump. Measured the height from the floor to the arm rest of our couch to know how tall the table should be, and add an extra 2 inches to that measurement (to leave room for sanding/leveling). Then use a belt sander to level out the log on top and bottom.

– When the stump is leveled, it’s time to wait. The stump needs to be drained of moisture before any next steps can be taken. So, set the log under a covered area (out in the backyard) and let it sit, for about 3 months. By then, the stump pretty much dries out (and loses a few pounds).

– Next step is stripping the bark. Use a small chisel to strip the bark off the sides of the tree stump. The process isn’t very difficult, as the 3 month drying process loses it up at that point. When the bark is fully removed, keep the stump outside (on a covered patio) and begin the sanding process.

– For the sanding, begin with 60 grit sandpaper (over the entire stump). When you’ve smoothed it as much as you can with the 60 grit, progress to 150 grit paper and repeat. Then, for the finishing touch, work with 220 grit sandpaper. After the 220 grit is used on the stump, it becomes completely smooth to the touch, and there’s no fear of splinters for anyone touching it.

– When the stump is finally complete with the sanding process, move it inside (the garage) for about 2 weeks to acclimate to climate control. If you live in a colder area, we would suggest moving it inside your house so the stump can adjust to the typical room temperature.

– Now it’s time for the polyurethane coating. Apply the polyurethane coating with a foam brush, in a well-ventilated area (open the garage door). After the first coat has dried, used the 220 grit sandpaper over the entire stump. Then, apply a second coat of polyurethane.

– The polyurethane needs 2 coats on the sides and bottom of the stump, but sometimes ends up taking about 5 coats on the top (it keeps soaking into the stump). When complete, the entire tree stump will look shiny and beautiful. Allow it to dry completely, then flip the stump over to hammer in some felt feet on the bottom to protect your wooden floors (if you have them) from the heavy table.

Below are some gorgeous Tree/Stump Tables that prove the point that you can fit them anywhere in your home…

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