The Power Of Purple In Your Home

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When you think of something royal, something rich and luxurious, you automatically think of the color Purple. It has the power to make everything around it, no matter how simple and inexpensive, look elegantly beautiful and wonderfully rich. Purple adds a dash of sophistication to your home decor and portrays your sense of style as artistically chic.

You can either go all-out purple or (we would suggest) select just a few pieces of purple furniture to not seem too dramatic, since the color is pretty OTT.


What better way to add excitement to your curb appeal than to make a statement with a bold front door! A fresh coat of paint in a bright and unexpected color is an inexpensive way for a dramatic front door makeover.


With an inviting sofa like this, you wouldn’t mind sleeping out in the living room after being kicked out of the bedroom. A huge purple eye candy in your living room is just what you need to brighten up your mood.


A perfect addition in your home when there’s a baby girl on her way. You can put up this sign in the cute little nursery that you’re building for her. Plus the lavender looks adorable!


We love purple in the kitchen. Just pick a cabinet that needs some repainting and your kitchen will light up like it never did before.


Purple is a very energetic color in its purest form, which is why many designers advise against painting walls fully purple or going overboard with purple decorations. Instead, choose wisely and pick that one item of purple furniture that will make up for not using the color all over. In this case, it’s the beautiful purple mirror in the bathroom.


Why just the furniture when you can improvise with the quilt like this! It’s the Catalina Quilt in Plum from Anthropologie. They’ve always got the best stuff!


The ceiling is a huge swath of real estate in a room, yet its color is often overlooked as a conscious design choice. Although it’s tempting to avoid, committing to a color like purple totally transforms a room. It’s pretty evident above, isn’t it?


The big fuzzy purple rug. Imagine laying on this and having a glass of wine in front of the fire!


Pops of purple color in your dining room/area is a pretty way to revamp that space where you enjoy your meals and make beautiful memories.