The Monochrome Bathroom Space

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Now who doesn’t love spending time in the bathroom? Yes, we all do. It’s our favorite place on earth. So it’s not surprising when we see beautifully designed bathrooms that make us go crazy! So crazy that we’d rather sleep in our bathtubs than on our beds.

Black and white is a classy and sophisticated combination, that’s pretty out there. Monochrome prints and designs in the bathroom look neat, luxurious and artistic. Combine this with modern and minimalist furniture and appliances and you’ve got yourself a bathroom that you wouldn’t want to get out of.

Scroll down for some elegant Monochrome Bathroom Space inspiration…


The black and white retro printed tiles with the hanging mirror is a pretty neat way to flaunt your simplicity and creativity.


This one’s almost black and white, but it almost makes us want to revamp our bathrooms!


It’s either black or white. WRONG. It can be grey too you know! We love how big the bathroom tiles are, and how grey they are too!


A brilliantly cool idea for a zen minimalist home.


The contrast of white marble against the black taps is just divine.


This bathroom better be placed in an art museum! With a bathroom as strikingly beautiful and luxurious like this one, who wouldn’t want to spend all their time here!


Pick out that one element that you would want to standout. We’d suggest you to go with showstopping black and white printed bathroom tiles.


Exactly what we’re talking about! With big black and white bathroom tiles like these, you can flaunt your sense of style, even in the bathroom.


An ideal monochrome bathroom design inspiration for two (check out the double taps).


It’s like your own little studio apartment in here! The bathtub design is extravagantly gorgeous. And, somehow, the bathroom design seems so sophisticatedly English.


We are in love with the layout. The bath under the window, the color combination, the vanity of it all, light fitting, everything!


The plank flooring gives the elegant and classy bathroom design a tad boho vibe, doesn’t it? The contrast of black and white looks exceptionally neat in this one.


Just pick a few essentials you would need in your bathroom and think of a simple and clean-cut design with nothing but black and white in it. The inspiration above justifies what we’re trying to say.


We would like to meet the wonderful person who suggested the idea of keeping the vanity storage up to the ceiling. A genius, indeed.


An insanely beautiful black and white bathroom. Check out the little, yet so dramatic gold accents!


We love the Carrara marble shelf, it adds sophistication and quality to the bathroom design. And it’s such a beautiful idea to keep a plant in the bathroom, isn’t it?


The bathroom wall of fame. Pick a side and decorate it like this!