The Creative Things You Can Do With Candles

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A brilliant way to light up any room, literally and decoratively, is to make use of Candles in a creative manner.

Candles are a beautiful addition to one’s room, be it living room, bedroom or kitchen, they make that space look stunning and lets not forget, totally romantic too. There are so many different kinds of candle stands that you can purchase online now, in various shapes, styles and colors too, but we would suggest you to ditch that common idea and think a little out-of-the-box.

Have a look below and you’ll see what we’re talking about…


If your sense of style is earthy, organic and polished at the same time, then we’ve found the best candle branch decor for you. Add a rustic touch to your home with this natural chandelier.


Candles in glass boxes, a perfect combination of cozy and contemporary. Please use flameless/electric candles for this.


They light up the place, smell good and look totally gorgeous. Now what more do you need! Nothing but a few cups and coffee beans.


Large driftwood candle holder to add a rustic appeal to your home. It’s a perfect setting for a cabin, or maybe a beach house too.


Isn’t it fascinating that you can do all of this at home without spending big bucks! These are candle pillars made from cinnamon sticks.


Lantern pair with wrought iron hooks on recycled wood boards. An ideal substitute for the shiny lights that cost you a bomb.


Bohemian-inspired hand-painted mason jar lantern with wire hanger. You can have 4-6 of these hanging in just one corner of your room for maximum impact.


The perfect combination of subtlety merged with gothic style. We love birdcages, although we hate the idea of birds in birdcages. But THIS we can happily live with!