The Beach House Of Your Dreams

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You can’t think of anything more peaceful and soothing than a wonderful home on a beach. It doesn’t get any better than this, period. (the pictures below prove the point)

An open space combined with modern elegance and a beautiful view of the skies and sea – now that’s the perfect kind of beach house dream we’ve all had at some point in our lives.

Source: Home Bunch and Luxe. interiors + design

Designed by GR Interiors, this shingle-style beach house is as charming as it it serene.

Located in Laurelhurst, a residential neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, USA, and overlooking Lake Washington, this home proves that certain things really happen for a reason and every reality starts with a dream. This is exactly what happened with the owner of this home. She used to play golf with the old owners of the house and didn’t hesitate to tell them how much she loved their home: “I told them that I coveted their home, and if they were ever to give it up, they had to call me first.”  She doubted the call would ever come, because the former homeowners were committed Seattleites, but then one fateful day, it did.

According to Luxe Magazine, the new homeowners loved everything about this place, except certain details that were soon redesigned.  They replaced the carpeting with wide-plank wood floors, added crown molding, and made other modifications to bring it closer to their aesthetic, as well as created a playroom for the kids on the bottom level and revamped the master bathroom. Then, to push it to the next level and achieve the coastal vibe they love, they started working with designer Graciela Rutkowski. “Their mantra was, ‘Nantucket, Nantucket, Nantucket,’” Rutkowski says. “They wanted a casually elegant beach house, without it being too beachy—no shells or coral.”

The result is a beach house that is serene, calm and undoubtedly, timeless.

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