Simple Ideas To Make Your Home Look Dramatic

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Sometimes there are little things you can do to make a lot of difference. And that is especially true when it comes to Home Decor. You don’t need to design a big plan to make great and grand changes in your home. There are hundreds of simple ideas that you can implement in your living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom that will get you the exact kind of dramatic change you want in your home.


A comfortable bed with a big headboard is the way to create a dramatic bedroom atmosphere. The headboard should be a shade that complements the wall designs. Usually a headboard made up of sturdy wood and buttoned cushions are the most dramatic feature in a bedroom.

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To make your room look more dramatic, go for a darker shade. Some of the best colors that make a room look royal are violet, red or crimson, dark blue, and even brown or black. Make these colors your main room hues and your room will surely have a dramatic feel and atmosphere.

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Mirrors are considered to be one of the most dramatic accessory that any room can ever have. Choose a good and grand style and design that matches your wall, ceiling and bed. Mirrors are a great addition to the room while it’s also functional.

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Patterned wallpapers add eloquence and intricacy in a room. If you don’t like wallpapers, you can also use a paintbrush or a paint sponge to create lovely designs on your walls. An empty wall communicates simplicity and simplicity doesn’t express drama. So, if you want a dramatic room, make sure that you design your walls.

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Another great idea for a dramatic room is the ceiling decoration. Some interior designers add painted swirls or patterns on the ceiling to contribute to the intricacy of the room. This is to match the eloquence of the patterned walls, but ensure that the color or the shade of the ceiling decoration doesn’t overpower the walls.

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