Quilts As Curtains And Drapes

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We totally love the idea of using beautiful, colorful Quilts as wall art, especially as curtains and drapes. It’s a brilliant idea to add a splash of color to your room, whatever room that may be, the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining area, or even your bathroom. It gives the room a delicate, cozy and luxurious appeal. Quilts have a gorgeous artisanal quality, and can be neutral or colorful, geometric or abstract.

Our few favorite designs below…


This vintage quilt is being used as a curtain. You know there are some really old, used quilts, something that your mom used and passed it on to you, as a souvenir, can be put to use in this manner, which is totally creative and looks cute at the same time. Plus it makes your mom happy too. 


A beautiful Christmas bedroom decoration idea. You could use a burgundy printed quilt as a corner drape, add some subtle Christmas lights and keep everything else neutral. Santa would definitely take a nap there!


Who needs a door when you can use a curtained doorway! It’s a perfect addition in a Bohemian-inspired home. The beautiful quilt instantly adds color and life to the room with a touch of drama.


Cheap and chic DIY headboard idea right in front of your eyes. Tapestry headboard- Hang a quilt behind your bed for a headboard that packs a patterned punch. Almost any print and color will do, but think vintage.


Quilts as shower curtains. This one’s our most favorite. And that’s simply because we’re super bored of conventional shower curtains. Hanging a quilt in there makes your bathroom look colorful, fun, attractive and luxurious all at the same time. It instantly brightens up the space.


Now this would be a great idea for a dorm room or apartment where you can’t paint the walls, so this gorgeous printed quilt adds the right amount of color to the place to liven it up. It looks so fresh and playful, just like we should all be in the comfortable space that is our home.