Penny-Pinching Uses for Scrap Wood

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Scrap wood is easy to bargain and is often available at a very cheap price, sometimes even for free. It can be manipulated and used for so many home and garden projects that will transform it completely. Below, you can get a rough idea about how to utilize scrap wood in the most frugal way for your garden.

Make a Planter Box from Scrap Wood

Penny-Pinching Uses for Scrap Wood 1

If you’re anything like a homeowner who’s looking to add more and more flowers, a planter box made from scrap wood is the perfect project for you. You can easily add rustic charm to your garden by building yourself an easy planter box with the help of a few tools. Instead of the scrap wood taking up valuable storage space in your garage, you can install such planter boxes and bring in a warm welcoming feeling.

Raised Garden Beds from Scrap Wood

Penny-Pinching Uses for Scrap Wood 2

When working in your garden, you can use scrap wood to create a leveled sand and soil bed to grow the most beautiful plants that will liven up your home garden. You’ve got the perfect soil, consistent rainfall, and plants that grow beautifully, so why not invest your time and effort into something that makes all that stand-out and look amazing? Raised garden beds can even resolve many garden challenges because scrap wood is safe and durable.

Lawn Edging from Scrap Wood

Penny-Pinching Uses for Scrap Wood 3

Scrap wood makes an excellent landscaping border for your garden. You can recycle scrap wood and make scrap wood stakes and begin digging them around the lawn. If you’re skeptical about the moisture reaching the wooden stakes, you can coat the wood with polyurethane to protect the wood from the moisture. And since scrap wood is so easy to find and possess, you can keep revising the wooden stakes once every few months. You can even stain the wood and use a protective coating before installing it to fight the inevitable rain and rot.

Outdoor Compost Bin from Scrap Wood

Penny-Pinching Uses for Scrap Wood 4
Utilize scrap wood to create compost bins that you can contain at a corner in your garden. Simple screw together three to five scrap wooden pallets, so that it’s easy to open, has good airflow and sturdy enough to keep out critters.