Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

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You don’t need to undertake an expensive renovation to give your Bathroom a facelift. Cheap and cheerful updates are easy with just a few new accessories – from countertop canisters to pretty paint colors. Give your bathroom a makeover with any of these ideas that will take your space from drab to fab in no time at all.

Below are some stylish and pretty accessories that prove it doesn’t take an expensive renovation to refresh the look of your bathroom…


Bathroom Decor Wall Art Print

This handmade wall art print is printed on high quality photographic paper using archival inks. Not only do we love the cheeky reminder to get naked, but we love that this typographic print is easily available and can be designed in a jiffy so you can hang it in your bathroom tonight, if you like!


Paisley Print Shower Curtain

Adding color and pattern to the bathroom is a quick and easy way to infuse your space with new life. This 100% cotton shower curtain boasts a beautiful Victorian paisley design that dates back to the 1860s and will add instant charm to your bathroom.


Botanical Aromatique Hand Wash

Your bathroom needs hand wash anyway, so why not choose something that’s going to amp up the room’s style at the same time? Beautifully packaged and delightfully fragranced, this hand wash is made with a blend of botanical extracts to give hands a gentle exfoliation. Your hands will feel smoother and your bathroom will look prettier with this perched on the countertop.


Wire Basket

If you’re blessed with a bathroom large enough to accommodate floor accessories, this schoolhouse wire basket will add both form and function to your space. Designed to resemble a vintage schoolhouse wastebasket, this piece is the perfect catch-all for towels or other bathroom accessories like loofahs and soaps.



Every bathroom needs a canister or two to hold unruly items like cotton balls, Q-Tips, hairpins, or even bath salts. These glass ones are up to the task but what we love most is the sweet detail sitting atop each.


Tabletop Vanity Organizer

How adorable is this tabletop vanity organizer? Perfectly compact for a small bathroom countertop, this handy little item will help to keep you and your things organized and easy to find. No more countertop chaos!


Air Weight Bath Mat

The best kinds of bath mats are the ones that you can launder each week with the bath towels to ensure that they stay clean and fresh. These organic cotton bath mats are specifically designed to allow air to circulate, ensuring that they dry fast and stay fresher longer. Available in a rainbow of colors, you can easily switch up the look in your bathroom, just by swapping out the bath mat.


Paint The Walls

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to really transform a space is to paint it. Dull orange is an ideal color for the bathroom, channeling a deeply calm and tranquil vibe – perfect for your own personal at-home sanctuary.


Scent Diffuser

Keep your bathroom smelling pleasant and fresh with this diffuser that will not only fill the space with a fragrant aroma but will look great on display, too.