Most Common Bedroom Design Problems And Solutions

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It’s where all the magic happens, we all know that. The Bedroom, no matter how small or big, should be the most comfortable room in your home. You spend the best hours of your day, night and your life in here.

It’s where all your dreams come to life, isn’t it?

Despite designing the bedroom carefully and looking into every minute home decor detail, we often face problems with the functionality of the furniture, drapes, shelves, windows, etc etc. The problems might seem endless at times and that’s okay, because we are constantly on the lookout for feeling a little extra comfy in our bedrooms. Which is why it’s important to find solutions to our bedroom decor problems quickly, easily and creatively so that every change brought about as a fix blends in well with the rest of the room and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, which is kind of the whole point anyway.

Below are the most common bedroom design dilemmas that can be fixed with our efficiently quick and creative solutions…

Problem: No room for a headboard in the small bedroom.


Put on your creativity hat and think of a beautiful design to paint as your headboard. You could use a stencil to make it look neat and professional, or you could search online for stylish wall decals. There are a sea of options and ideas on the web that will help you come up with quirky and gorgeous headboard paint designs. But we would suggest you to keep it sweet and simple, because if you try to do too much with it, you might wreck it, which will make your bedroom look really shabby. By keeping it on the low yet clean and classy, you’re adding fun and sophistication to your bedroom decor.

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Problem: No closet space left in the bedroom.


Open shelving along the perimeter of your ceiling is a brilliant idea when you run out of space in your closet or closets. Many of us fail to understand the importance of wall furniture. Installing shelves is not only a functional idea but also looks pretty modern and appealing in a bedroom. You can stack up magazines, books, photos, important papers, and lots more. They are a great way to get things organized in the room.

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Problem: Can’t find a matching and perfectly fitting bedside table.


When floor space is a huge problem in a tiny bedroom, or when you have enough space but not good enough choices of bedside tables, you’ve got to think beyond the obvious. That means you’ve got to think creatively and opt for something efficient and unusual. Floating shelves by your bedside look pretty neat and give the room a sleek and minimalist appeal. You don’t need a conventional bedside table once you’ve laid eyes on one of these. And you don’t even need to worry about nighttime reading with the cool lighting hanging right above the shelf.

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Problem: Due to the small window in the bedroom, there isn’t enough natural light flowing in.


Now this is a truly brilliant idea, one that is being used in my small rooms, including showrooms, salons, gyms, etc etc. All you need to do is place a large mirror right in front of the window. What this magical mirror does is not only reflects the light, but also gives the illusion of more than one window in the room. So it feels like you have more room space, more windows and more natural light. We LOVE the concept!

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Problem: Windows are too small to hang drapes.


When you have two or more windows in your bedroom, you get the freedom to experiment with window coverings. Hang drapes on the bigger window and try roller blinds on the smaller second and more. Pick prints and patterns that make the room look colorful yet tied together. The roller blinds need to blend in with the rest of the bedroom decor. They are a no-fuss bedroom accessory that will add a modern sense of style to the space.

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Problem: Leftover wood vinyl from a recent renovation.


DIY projects are fun and exciting to take on in the home decor front. And that’s because you get the opportunity to design little pieces of furniture in your own way, with your own personal twist. And to show off your creativity of course. Take on an awesome DIY project with leftover wood vinyl to build a cabin-like headboard for your bedroom. You can opt for any shape you like and design it keeping your home personality in mind. These wooden things instantly add a cozy and raw vibe to your bedroom.

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Problem: The natural light coming through the window is good, but the lack of privacy isn’t.


You love the sunlight shining in your bedroom through the window in the day, but are pretty pissed off at neighbors trying to peek in on you from the same open window. Now that’s an issue which needs to be fixed no matter what, because privacy means the world to us, ironically! A quick fix to this dilemma is a pretty fix too. You can hang sheers behind your heavy night-duty curtains. That way you can enjoy the sun as much as you like without all the invasion of privacy. Plus they’re so delicate and lightweight, they add a dash of prettiness and warmth to the bedroom.

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