How To Paint Wall Stripes

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Striped Walls make for a great accent wall especially in smaller rooms.

If you are interested in painting stripes on walls in your house it is actually not that difficult. If you plan out all the prep work before getting started you should not run into any problems.

Steps for Painting Stripes on Walls:

  • After the entire room has been painted a single color (lets say BLUE) and dried, begin planning out the stripes (lets say WHITE). Opt for thick white stripes on the walls to have a more bold look as an accent wall. If you want to have an uneven amount of stripes so that you could start with blue on the bottom and end with blue on the top (because of the white trim in that room). If it is an 8 foot ceiling, you measure from the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the trim. Then take that measurement and divide it by 9 if you want to have 9 stripes and that gives you the width of each individual stripe.
  • Once you’ve marked off the width of the stripes, use a chalk box to create lines for the tape.
  • Then tape off each stripe. To make sure that you do not paint the wrong stripes white, put small pieces of tape in those stripes. It really helps when you start painting.
  • To prevent the white paint from running into the blue, seal the tape with blue paint. For this step, you need to paint the base color, which in this case is blue, over top of the tape. That way the white would not bleed under the tape.
  • Then you are ready to paint the color of your stripes.
  • After painting 2 coats of the white paint for the stripes, immediately peel the tape off.

Below are some creative Striped Wall ideas to paint with your own lovely hands…


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The Center of Attention


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Invisible Grey


Tiled Stripes


Brown Tones