How To Lay A Recycled Concrete Pathway

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Now you can use broken up, leftover and donated pieces of concrete to create your very own customized Concrete Pathway.

Here are the basic steps to get you started on your concrete pathway-building journey:

– Lay out the concrete on the grass to make sure they fit together alright and that you have enough pieces for the new space.


– Then tear out the grass for the new patio.

– Lay down some landscaping fabric and a layer of yard gravel to set the concrete and begin around the edge of the existing rectangular pavers.

– Continue laying the concrete, working to be sure that each piece is level in the sand and gravel.  This is especially difficult since the concrete does not perfectly equal in thickness.  Then with a push broom fill the spaces with more gravel and sand to pack it tight.

recycled-concrete-path-3 recycled-concrete-path-6

– The concrete pathway will turn out fantastic! By following this method, you will love how the new pathway looks different from the pavers that were already there.

It’s amazing how a brilliant idea to reuse wasted concrete that no one wanted and was on the edge of landing at the local landfill can turn into this long-lasting, concrete paved pathway.

recycled-concrete-path-5 recycled-concrete-path-4