Floating Shelves In Unique Shapes

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Who knew shelving could be so much fun and creative!

Floating shelves are a must in every home, we know that. But what you don’t know is that floating shelves can be made in various designs and shapes. Straight and level lines aren’t your only choices when you need to store or display your favorite things at home. You can take up DIY projects to do them according to your style and home design. They’re pretty easy and neat to build yourself and look wonderful when done right.

Find inspiration below to build creative and modern floating shelves on your own…


3D-inspired floating shelves if you’re a really creative person and are fond of modern home decor.


These are the straight, horizontal floating shelves with a twist. Add some vertical ones to make it look classy and appealing.


A beautiful combination of the conventional floating shelves with gorgeous circular floating shelves.


This is what we like to call “Floating Shelf Wall Crawler.”


The love triangles in your home. There’s still so much more you can do with triangle shaped floating shelves- arrange them in the shape of triangles on your wall, make a triangle pyramid, or place one on top of the other with the pointy sides merging into one another.


For a boho-inspired DIY project to upgrade your home, consider building cute honeycomb floating shelves.