Easiest Plants And Flowers To Grow At Home

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Few things bring more life to our home’s interiors than plants and flowers, it feels like creating your own little paradise. You don’t need to take a course on gardening to grow plants in your home, just some tips and tricks are more than enough.

You don’t need to have a garden to have a garden!


1. Peace Lily

This elegant beauty takes about a glass of water per week and thrives in nearly all levels of light. Water with room temperature water- and if you’re in a place where your water is chlorinated, let your water sit for a few hours first before feeding it to a peace lily. That way the chlorine will evaporate off.


2. Indoor Azalea

This is a beautiful flower and can bring the beauty of the great outdoors into your home, but it has some specific living needs. Never let its soil dry out, keep it in a humid location that never exceeds 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and give it bright indirect light. Even after the blooms have faded, you can keep this plant around, and if well cared for, it will reward you year after year.


3. Snake Plant

These plants make an excellent accent piece in almost any room. It’s renowned for its resilience and tolerance to neglect.


4. Aloe Vera

Use some cactus potting soil or add some building sand and perlite to regular potting soil to keep aloe vera happy. Give them bright light and only water them when their soil is totally dry.


5. Norfolk Island Pine

This plant’s main concern is getting lots of light and humid air. Ten feet is as tall as they tend to get when grown indoors.


6. Dracaena

These plants can grow between 6 and 10 feet tall, so it may be necessary to prune the canes as they grow to control their size. Use soil that drains well and don’t over-water!