Doing Christmas Scents The Splendid Way

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Doing Christmas Scents The Splendid Way

This Christmas feel closer to the spirit of the holiday season and sense. When the grand plans that you’ve decided upon weeks before the big holiday- is finally arriving- it needs to smell like Christmas to join in with the spirit of all the bright decorations, festive mood, and delicious food. The idea is to have the perfect Christmas season with the perfect Christmas cheer- without forgetting even a single task on the list. Today’s is a reminder to set the tone of Christmas by doing scents the right way. It makes a big matter when you’re all ready and in-gear to celebrate a Christmas party with everything in place- but you’ve forgotten to make your house smell like it’s Christmas at all. It’s art to strive to make your house smell like the holiday season; it just doesn’t happen without effort and time. If you’re forgetting about the scents, you’re skipping a festive part of the season. Surround yourself in any 1 of 5 cozy, friendly scents this year with our help.

Doing Christmas Scents The Splendid Way 1

Orange Pomanders

The amazing scent of a bowl full of orange pomanders will fill your home with nostalgia- and your guests may never want to leave. The best part is that they last for years. 

How to make Orange Pomanders:

  1. Wash and dry oranges.
  2. Simple insert clove straight into the oranges.
  3. Place the oranges, also called pomanders, in a paper bag for a few weeks to dry them out.
  4. The clovers will draw out their juices.


Doing Christmas Scents The Splendid Way 2

Simmered Cinnamon Sticks 

Create your own natural aroma to make your home smell like beautiful Christmas. With the help of cinnamon sticks, spruce branches, jojoba oil, and water in a pot. Bring it to mild boil and rejuvenate back to your time.


Doing Christmas Scents The Splendid Way 3


Sneak a favorite seasonal fragrance into your Christmas decor by making a scented pinecone Christmas tree. You can make as many as you want and decorate your entire house full of them.

Doing Christmas Scents The Splendid Way 4

Dried Orange Garland

Add fresh greenery and a beautiful scent of orange around your home by baking orange slices sprinkled with sugar and make a dried orange garland to hang. It looks holiday-season like and will definitely add more drama to your Christmas decorations, making your home look and smell diverse and unique.

Doing Christmas Scents The Splendid Way 5

Layered Scented Holiday Candles by Hello Natural

Homemade candles are so fun to make and they really inspire the festive merriment of Christmas.

To learn how to make this beautiful holiday scented candle, click here.