DIY Projects With Leftover Paint

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When something’s extra or leftover, you need to put on your creative hats!

There’s always some extra paint leftover, which you usually store in your home somewhere. Why put it away and never use it again when you can use it wisely and, mind you, creatively too!

There’s always room for more fun, color and quirkiness in your beautiful home. And if your’re thinking it might end up looking shabby, then let us tell you that you’re not thinking straight. Have a look at what we have in store for you below and you’ll SEE exactly what we’re talking about!



Take those beautiful mother nature frames and partly-paint each of them with every single paint color that’s leftover. You could get really creative too, try doing some stripes or chevron design, but don’t go too far with it though. Keep it sweet and simple.



Now you’ll need someone who paints well for this to work out. A neat and sophisticated painted design like this will light up your room, making it look artsy too.



You don’t know whether to flaunt your books or the beautifully painted book shelf! It’s a simple way to make your open cabinet shelves look attractive and it also adds color to your room.



The chevron print is quite a statement maker, isn’t it? Paint those ceiling fans however you like. So every time you look up, you’ll have something nice to see.



Dining chairs can be designed to look so beautiful in your dining room/area that you don’t need any other piece of furniture around that space to standout. Those chairs will do the job for you. With lots of paint leftover all you have to do is mask it on on your dining chairs. And don’t you worry about running out of one color, because, the more the merrier, remember?



Now that’s easy! It’s like a little door makeover. You can really creative here too, painting a certain kind of a print or using a combination of all the paint colors that are leftover.



The most brilliant way to use the leftover paint is to pick out a chair and go crazy with it! You don’t necessarily have to design something so intricate like this, but if you can then there’s nothing like it, but if you can’t, don’t worry. Paint it at random, you’ve got lots of room to be creative and colorful here!



Another door makeover. It’s a great way to add more color and life to your room, whatever room that may be. The way you paint it depends on you, but try keeping it neat and simple for a much better visual appeal.



Yet another door makeover. This is a great design and color combination for someone who loves monochrome and geometric shapes. We personally do! There’s nothing more classy and clean-cut like this design here.



If your wardrobe is your favorite place on earth, then it better look as glamorous as the kind of clothes and jewelry in it. It’s a simple and sweet way of making your jewelry feel special, isn’t it?



The cabinets in your home should be the ultimate targets for such a brilliant idea. If you’re an art-lover, then we’re sure you can get really quirky while painting this piece of furniture.