Decorating Your Home With Canoe

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Decorating your home, be it an apartment, cabin or lake house, with a Canoe adds a nostalgic touch. It also gives your home a Bohemian and vintage look.

We all know what a canoe is used for (it’s a boat, there’s your hint!). But there’s always room for creative thinking and the desire to make your home the most favorite and the coziest place on earth. By adding a canoe in your beautiful house, you’re marking your sense of style as classy, sophisticated and yet, edgy and raw.

With Christmas coming up, think of a traditional Christmas tree with Christmas lights and decorations all over the house, and a gorgeous little canoe by the wall or the ceiling, decorated with the reds and greens of the festive season.

Have a look at some canoe decorated rooms that will definitely make you want to hang one, or maybe even two, in your home…


Hang the canoe from the ceiling, upside down. Turn it into a unique lighting fixture for a space with high ceilings.


Who needs a bookshelf or any kind of a floating shelf when you can do something as creative and brilliant as this! It’ll be a perfect addition in a loft too.


A wine cellar right in the middle of your living room!


There’s nothing wrong with having rustic cross-country skis, oars and paddles, and a canoe on your walls, amongst other things. Be creative!


This looks like a great place to store and protect your canoe, plus it adds to the decor of the cabin.


An old church conversion which is so cool, but look up at the old boat in the rafters! Store your canoe in your house.