Creative DIY Ideas For Bookshelves

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Yes, we know you have a lot of books. And we also know that there is a sea of options to choose from when it comes to Bookshelves. But why not get a little quirky and creative and design one yourself! Your books will feel extra special and love you more if you do.

See some truly inspirational DIY Bookshelves Designs below and start thinking out-of-the-box…


Up-the-stairs bookshelves. You get an advantage here, you can build the bookshelves from top to bottom, literally. Which means more space for more books, which means MORE BOOKS, MORE BOOKS.


DIY bookshelves from recycled materials. Piano and books- could there be a better combination! We love this. You just need a big enough wall to hang it on.


You’ve got to maximize the efficiency of the available resources in your home. Isn’t this a brilliant idea!


Making furniture from obsolete material and giving new life to old ones. Plus it looks Boho-awesome!


Cool idea! Vintage ladder bookcase. Because we love using old things to decorate our home with. It adds a lot of character to the room.