Bohemian Home Ideas And Inspiration

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Bohemian Chic style in your home can look pretty awesome. It’s a perfect throwback to the hippie era and makes your home look warm and inviting.

By using rich fabrics and an eclectic mix of prints, the Boho Home Decor design will put you in a traveling state of mind.

We love the idea of decorating the home as if it’s a caravan, getting that on-the-road feeling right under your roof.


Every ounce of design in this tiny yet beautiful loft bleeds Bohemian. Orange is a brilliant way to make the style stand all-out!


Stripe and geometric prints are overshadowing the floral prints this season. Throw down a dozen or so striped pillows to immediately Boho up a living room, but remember to include pink and red. They’re bright and bold colors that will make the maximum hippie impact.


We love the rug, the lamp and the mid-century modern leather couch too. But we don’t love it as much as we’re obsessed with the fringed colorful Boho-inspired throw blanket. Period.


A little Indian, tribal, gypsy and hippie- colorful, mystical details of Bohemian style.


Be free-spirited and throw color and texture around like confetti.

Whether it’s a pouf on the floor or a low bench with cushions next to a pillow-filled couch, low-level seating is inviting and does away with anything fussy. It says, “come and sit with me.”


Party lights in a Boho-inspired home should definitely look like this. You can put them up otherwise too, they look so pretty!


Throw in as many textures as possible in a room. Put linen next to metal, next to wood, next to glass, next to plants, next to distressed brick, next to mirrors, throw it all together. The more texture in a room, the better.


It’s a gorgeous and a totally cool Bohemian piece that you can design on your own and place it wherever you like in your home.


The perfect hippie accessories for your beautiful home. You can hang them up in a really small and totally decor-less room and it’ll lighten up the room in an instant.


Dysfunctional designs- Glass Bottles, re-purposed as home decor. DIY now!


Fabric scrap curtains. They scream, “be different, act normal.”


Boho decor bliss- bright gypsy colors and Bohemian mixed patterns. Choose them wisely and brightly!