Bedroom Dresser Decorating Ideas

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Your bedroom is supposed to be a very cozy, comfy and beautiful place in the world. It’s where all the magic happens, all kinds of magic. And we all have our own cabinets, our wardrobe, and what not in our bedroom. And one of our most favorite pieces of furniture in the bedroom is our Dresser.

We put in a lot of thought in selecting our dresser. Some are drawn towards classy designs, some like antique wooden ones, and some just go with immaculately neat and clean structured designs. And all that is great, obviously. But we tend to forget how to beautifully decorate that particular dresser once it enters our bedroom. You don’t just leave it there. You’ve got to think creatively and make that “dresser space” the center of attention in your bedroom.

Here’s some really awesome inspiration to get you to understand the importance of your Dresser…


A beautifully large and classy dresser for your master bedroom, with 7 drawers and a vertical mirror.


It’s what we call “The Dazzling Dresser.” A plain white dresser that has been made to look stunning with simple install overlays that, we’re sure, come in a variety of shapes and designs. Look for ones that can be painted so you can customize your look.


The wooden dresser complements the stunning master bedroom focal wall. We love the earthy brown color of the dresser against the dark grey color of the wall. It’s a beautiful contrast! Also, check out the mini library on the wooden masterpiece.


It’s a cheerful little setting right next to your bed. Reminds us of Spring!


It’s a brilliantly beautiful and artistic idea to place a gorgeous round mirror above a stunning wooden dresser.


A color palette of black, white and grey rules in the bedroom above. The dresser looks clean, crisp and has totally lifted the mood of the space.


You can add a twist to a dresser like this. Since it looks pretty old and totally antique, you can paint it whatever color you like, and however you like. But please make sure to keep it minimalist, as you don’t want to ruin the originality and authenticity of the dresser’s look.