A Handy Guide To Sofa Shapes

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A Handy Guide To Sofa Shapes F

Swooning over the next, unique sofa to purchase? Never mind the shear and mind tear. Gain a basic idea about which sofa is what and which isn’t before you go sofa shopping for your living room. Some of you may not know what to look for if it wasn’t for a handy guide to sofa shapes, that you even impress yourself by making your ‘your-kind-of-perfect’ decision for a sofa. Don’t confuse the style of your home with the choice of your sofa, because you will never get over it.


A tuxedo sofa will add sophistication and elegance to your living room where your entire life is centered. They make a low, sleek and a comfortable profile thanks to the horizontal band formed by the back and arms of the sofa. They can be placed to modernize your living room and add more definition and glamour. Tuxedo is a major style sophisticator.

A Handy Guide To Sofa Shapes 1


Elevate the crisp charm of your living from to something more formal yet admirable. They are nice and cozy, no doubt but they are meant not only for comfort (because of their lack of back cushions), but also for introducing a very 18th-century and English home décor atmosphere. The best part about camelbacks is their exposed legs, slim and neat. A Camelback is an overly simplified yet decorous peddler.

A Handy Guide To Sofa Shapes 2


A Lawson sofa has clean lines and reflects a simple, comfortable and versatile personality to the masses. The backrest of the sofa allows your back to ease at a comfortable angle, not too upright. This sofa is considered as one of the most comfortable sofas for napping.

A Handy Guide To Sofa Shapes 3


This sofa is not just a piece of furniture that you’ll purchase for your living room, it is a work of history. A chesterfield is the ultimate design classic from the 19th-century- reinterpreted in countless ways unimaginable. These too have no back cushions, but they’re meant to make you sit straight and feel buckled-down.

A Handy Guide To Sofa Shapes 4


Cabroile sofas are inspired by classic, European shapes. A cabriole sofa has an exposed wooden frame, often carved with its legs looking like the limbs of dogs or lions. It is the perfect way to style your living room to add a hint of an imperial atmosphere that’s always hard to miss.

A Handy Guide To Sofa Shapes 5

English Rolled Arm

This kind of soda is best existed for living rooms screaming out for an over-sized seating space. They are often referred to as a “club sofa” and live up to its name. They have soft, generous seat cushions, generally skirtless and often on casters. They are comfortable and loungy.

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