7 Things That Are Making Your Home Look Outdated

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You spend a lot of time thinking about every little detail that will make your home look neat, beautiful and modern. But sometimes you tend to overlook a few basics that not only destroy the personality and appearance of your home but also causes a lot of inconvenience to its members and fellow home surroundings.

We’ve come up with 7 such basic mistakes you could make… Learn your lesson thoroughly and start re-decorating…


Messy and dirty entryway

Shoes all over the floor, torn-open mail strewn about, keys and random bits and bobs on your entryway console are just plain ugly.


Old style kitchen

You must know that outdated kitchens are always high on an owner’s must-destroy list. And yes, they can be really ugly and detract from a home.


Boring balcony

A balcony is a place to have some fun and get comfortable, so if yours is too basic and boring, it’s doing your entire home a disservice.


Dingy bathroom

You know when your bathroom is dingy and needs renovating, and is just plain ugly – we don’t need to give you a blow-by-blow account here. But don’t worry, we’re also not going to tell you to renovate your bathroom. Truth is, we’ve seen bathrooms in rental apartments go from grungy to glam, all with the help of a deep clean and carefully chosen accessories.


Dirty, scratched up walls

Chances are your bedroom walls are in pretty good nick, they are typically low-traffic areas and the paint can stay impeccable for years. But in the living room and dining room and particularly the kitchen, that is not usually the case. If you think walls with dirty streaks or scratches from chairs don’t look that bad, think again. They’re really taking your home’s looks down a notch. Walls also include light switch covers, and nothing is uglier than visible dirt around them.


Empty walls

There is a certain aesthetic that makes bare walls the best choice, but for many other homes, it just makes it look like you’ve never really moved in.


Multipurpose dining area/room

There’s a reason you don’t see dining rooms in the pages of decor magazines all covered with half-empty shopping bags, bills, car keys and stray electronic chargers. It’s because it’s ugly. Keep your dining room clean and organized for making your home look even more beautiful.