7 Small Cool Kitchen Ideas

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Too many articles covering the same topic. And that’s because we need as many solutions to the problem as we can lay our eyes on.

Problem: Small Kitchen

Solution: Get Creative!

Below are 7 really simple yet brilliant ideas for your small-spaced kitchens…

1. The idea of the entire kitchen floating (on floating shelves that too, see below) against one wall in your small home doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. It looks creative, plus you get to save ample of space in your already tiny apartment.


2. A countertop with a complementary sink or vice-versa. It’s a brilliant idea to maximize the limited space you have in your kitchen.


3. The most unexpected and unconventional spot for a kitchen, which is exactly why it looks simply gorgeous. Select the most unpopular space in your house and turn it into a sweet little thing.


4. Space above the countertop is all you need in your kitchen to build cabinets and shelves for all the storage. Plus, it looks pretty neat and adds an interesting twist to your tiny kitchen.


5. This looks like such a simple idea yet we hardly ever think of it. Make one basic or center cabinet in your kitchen a rolling table to do your kitchen chores more conveniently. You can also make it a small dining table right in the middle of your kitchen area.


6. Erect a high-style folding table with inbuilt storage shelves in your small-spaced kitchen.


7. This kitchen wins the prize of the day. A gorgeous and so efficiently constructed tiny kitchen looks like a lovely blue box that you will simply enjoy cooking food in. Kind of like your home hot box!