7 Cozy And Modern Canopy Beds

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Canopy Beds are beautiful home furnishings that look solid and soft at the same time, blending romance and mystery with chic and exclusive style. They add glamour to modern bedroom decorating and create cozy and stylish bedroom decor. These beds are inviting, interesting and comfortable, offering extra privacy in the bedroom.

Below are 7 beautiful Canopy Beds that will make you want to buy one or upgrade your existing one soon…


Heavenly white master bedroom canopy with the tall tufted headboard in the master bedroom adds plush comfort to the space.


A modern take on the canopy style- hang your canopy from the ceiling.


We are seriously drooling over the bed frame of this gorgeous canopy. The design of the bed is proof that you can fit a canopy in a small bedroom too.


You don’t need to spend luxuriously on a canopy bed, a simple one like this can look pretty awesome too with some smart decorating ideas. A bench and some frames around it would be swell.


You don’t need to buy a canopy bed to flaunt this modern and Boho-inspired design. Just get creative!


Pottery barn farmhouse canopy bed. The clean lines look pretty classy and sophisticated.


We love the modern edgy design of the canopy bed. The bedroom looks super cozy because of the magical piece of furniture.