6 Clever Wardrobe Design Ideas

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Add your own twist to things when furnishing your home. For example, think out-of-the-box when decorating your bedroom and forget about the obvious choices. Something as basic as the Wardrobe can be designed in so many interesting ways.

Images and captions: homedit

Just take a look below, the designs are quite enticing…


Around the headboard

Don’t want to look at your furniture when relaxing in bed? Then use the wall on which the headboard is placed for that. Design your wardrobe around the headboard and around the bed. You can leave an area open above the bed for hanging artwork.


Sliding doors

Sliding doors are great for bedroom furniture because they don’t take additional space and simply slide from one side to another revealing the storage compartments behind them. In addition, a big unit that covers an entire wall with look especially beautiful if it has big sliding doors.


Extra wide

Did you know that furniture which goes from wall to wall actually makes a room look bigger? So keep that in mind when choosing the furniture for your bedroom. An extra wide dresser can actually give you lots of storage and help you get a spacious look for the room.


Boutique-inspired design

Not a fan of mainstream designs? Forget about those roust wardrobes and closets and create your own version. A boutique-inspired design with rods, shelves and drawers could be what you’re looking for.


Build around the window

Don’t waste a whole wall when you can use the one with the window on. Include the window into your design and build around it. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to also design a window seat or a cozy reading nook.


Wall divider

Take advantage of this must-have piece of furniture and give it a second function. For example, you can also use the wardrobe as a wall divider between the bedroom and the en-suite bathroom or in some other way.