5 Common Garage Door Problems With Solutions

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Repairing a garage door can be quite a hassle, especially when you don’t know what exactly is wrong with it. So don’t get your tools just ready, first figure out what the problem is, then march in there with all your garage door repair equipment.

Most of the garage door problems are caused by broken springs, so you will need a professional to fix this one for you. But not all garage door problems arise from a broken spring, so there are many other minor problems that can be fixed by yourself.

5 Common Garage Door Problems And How to Fix Them:


1. Garage door is jammed.

Solution: This happens when either the track is bent or the extension spring cable is broken. If the track is bent, you need to straighten, adjust or replace the track. And if the extension spring cable is broken, you replace it with a new one.

2. Garage door won’t close all the way.

Solution: This is when you need to adjust track spacing or trim molding and replace any bent hinges on the garage door. Also, check if the extension spring cable pulleys need replacement.


3. Bottom of the garage door is up on one side.

Solution: This happens mainly due to a frayed extension spring cable. So the best solution is to simply replace it with a brand new cable.


4. Garage door squeaks.

Solution: Dry rollers, bearings or hinges result in the garage door squeaking. Lubricate them whenever they get dry with 3 in 1 motor oil.


5. Garage door closes part way and then reverses.

Solution: This could again happen because of dry rollers and bearings, so lubricate them with 3 in 1 motor oil. Check if the close force has been properly adjusted. Misaligned, dirty or defective photo eyes could also cause this hassle, so get them aligned, cleaned or replaced. And lastly, check if the extension spring cable and the extension spring cable pulleys need any replacement.