3 Beautiful Melbourne Homes

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When we say ‘Melbourne’, we immediately think of something classy, something eclectic and something so sophisticatedly modern that it would knock your socks right off!

The renovated North Fitzroy cottage of Daniel Stray and Kc Reynolds. Daniel’s favourite part of the house is the ceiling in the kitchen / living space, which was inspired by old factory ceilings, and created using recycled Australian hardwood beams and recycled flooring.  He and Kc also love their little garden, where they grow their own herbs and veggies (limes, oranges, lemons, kale, spinach, rockets and lots more). When the build was complete, Daniel and Kc found themselves compelled to pare back their belongings, to achieve a more considered, minimal look.

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The truly incredible home of Fiona Richardson and family. It’s an amazing, beautiful, creative and inspiring space. It definitely is something truly special. Fiona lives here with her husband and three boys. Her decorating approach is measured, thoughtful and perfectly executed. She has styled her home with a respectful nod to its Edwardian heritage, and an intuitive sense for how contemporary color and pattern can be introduced in a period home.  The result is a residence that is grand in scale, yet feels understated, intimate and unmistakably ‘real’, with just enough eclectic detail to keep things interesting!

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Yet another gorgeous Melbourne home with a sophisticated and totally classy home decor. The block-fronted Victorian house was given a renovation to open up the space to more light, which provided the perfect basis for the modern and eclectic interior furnishing. And we simply love the peach colored bathroom, it’s so pretty.

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